Park Introduction

Marco Polo Flower Ocean Theme Park is located in Yangzhou, where the legendary world traveler Marco Polo lived for three years. Covering an area of around 50 hectares, this first flower theme park in the world invited the Academy Award-nominated Irish comic producer “Cartoon Saloon” to create Marco Polo’s magical “Eastwards” storyline and characters. We also invited the French animation film maker Amiko Studio to create a drama show “Marco Polo’s Journey to the East”. The whole story is presented in an outdoor garden designed by Niek Roozen, a landscape master from the Netherlands. Visitors can enjoy a floral fantasy journey through four themed areas: Marco Polo Avenue, Oriental Zone, Middle Eastern Zone and European Zone.
Our Park has 7 global-themed gardens, including a Venetian Garden, Mediterranean Garden, and Oriental Garden. You can also see five “floral miracles of the world” - the world’s largest artistic flower fields, the world’s first dreamy flower dunes, the world’s largest flower carpet, the world’s longest flower stream and the most creative flower sculptures from an Oscar Award nominee. 
The park invited education experts from Germany to design playgrounds for children visiting the park. All our playgrounds are constructed according to European Union standards; Little ltaly Playground, The Brave Ship, Wonderful Town, Sweet Candy Carousel and Mystical Jungle Playground all welcome our younger visitors!
Our park is also committed to creating wonderful culinary experiences, offering tasty dishes and snacks from around the world, including a special Huaiyang Flower delicacy.
Our Magic Aromatic Garden offers luxurious French aromatic products, while an array of magical plants can be found in the Fairy Greenhouse. 
Are you ready? Let’s begin your floral fantasy journey!